Left Behind!

by Matt Vermedahl

Crown of ThornsIt turns out I have something in common with Jesus — we were both left behind at church by our parents! Of course, there are some slight differences in our stories: Jesus, it seems, was perfectly content to be left in his Father’s house where he could ask questions and learn, much to the amazement of the teachers in his presence. Me… not so much! I took on more of the role of Joseph and Mary — worried, terrified, and anxious — while my parents’ attitude was more like Jesus’ demeanor: calm, cool, and collected. They knew I was safe and secure in our Father’s house under the watchful eye of Hazel, our nursery caretaker. Thus began my fear of being left behind. To this day I tease my parents: “You will be at the airport, right?”

The lesson here is when we find ourselves feeling left behind or lost, we should not fear or worry, but instead rely on our heavenly Father’s care and engage with those around us. We are not always perfectly in sync with our family members and friends, where emotions and circumstances can create separation. Our faith must be a place for solace and for struggle, for peace and discernment of the way forward. God’s will is for all of our paths to lead to love, reconciliation, and finally to salvation through Jesus Christ.

Saturday, March 19, 2016
2 Samuel 7:4,8-16
Psalm 89:1-29
Romans 4:13-18
Luke 2:41-52