Parish Community

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Ascension parishioners are a community of Christians. Many of us are single. Several of us are partnered or married. We have children who are part of our community as well as parishioners who, due to age or health, are unable to venture much further than their room or their apartment. We include healthy, active young couples who enjoy the very best New York has to offer … and our community extends to other states, other coasts, even other countries! Several other parishioners split their time between New York City and homes elsewhere in the world.

Thanks to the phone, email and, especially, prayer, we are never very far from one another, however. As you get to know the Ascension community, you may also understand why so many of us think of this parish as “family” — without any intent to exclude anyone. But, rather — because in becoming a part of the community of the Ascension parish — we have often found ourselves with a family in a city where we never thought we’d have or know one, in a neighborhood we never thought we’d find a home, with people who, we discovered, are as broken, searching and wonderful as we are coming to understand ourselves.

Welcome to the Church of the Ascension, by which we also mean: “Welcome home.” And you thought you’d never get here!