TColumbarium nicheshe choice of a final resting place for the remains of this mortal life is a complicated and often difficult one for an individual or family, but the Columbarium at the Church of the Ascension offers a site of beauty, dignity, and simplicity at an affordable price.

Located in the vestibule of the landmark Church of the Ascension, at the corner of Fifth Avenue and West Tenth St., heart of New York’s historic Greenwich Village, a niche in the Ascension Columbarium assures not only a place in the artistic legacy of the church, but also a visible and accessible location in a building of supreme architectural and artistic importance on New York’s  lower Fifth Avenue, providing a memorial and a valuable ministry to grieving family and friends.

With the recent expansion of our Columbarium beyond the historic All Saints’ Chapel, a limited number of niches are now available, with vaults that can hold the remains of one or two people. Purchase of one-half of a vault, to accommodate the remains of one person, is available; in such a case, the purchaser relinquishes the right to determine the use of the remaining niche. The faceplate of each vault is engraved with the name(s) and birth and death dates of those interred therein. Nothing else is exposed to public view. The Columbarium is open for visitation during the normal opening hours of the church, 9-6PM every day, year-round, or by appointment.

Please note that funeral services do not need to be held at The Church of the Ascension in order to be interred in the Columbarium, although preference is given to Ascension members for available spaces, as many wish to have their earthly remains kept and their life remembered in the place where they worshipped. The presence of these remains reminds us of the communion of saints and the whole body of Christ, which includes both the living and the deceased.

What does it cost?

Prices for a vault vary based on its location in the columbarium, and its size, and range from $6,000 for a ground-level single niche to $10,000 for a top-row double niche (or half these amounts for a half-niche). Payment can be made using a multi-year installment plan, but payment must be made in full before the deceased is interred. As is the custom in the Episcopal Church, any coffin or urn at the funeral is covered with a pall in a container provided by Ascension, hidden from view for eternity; there is no need for an expensive container.

How do I purchase a columbarium niche?

Please contact the church office at  212-254-8620 for a contract and if you have any questions.

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