What Is Planned Giving?

Every time we walk into The Church of the Ascension, we’re struck immediately by the munificence and power of planned giving. The extraordinary riches you see here — the architecture, the art, the windows and fixtures, the magnificent organ — are not the gift of any single individual, an egocentric royal or philanthropic robber-baron, but, rather, of generations of people whose passion for this church, its congregation, and this historic neighborhood inspired them to leave some part of their estate to continue the architectural, artistic, musical, and spiritual legacy that is so unique here and such an inspiration to us all.

Some of these gifts were large, a few sizable enough to establish endowments that generate, even today, investment income. Most were modest. Some were designated for particular uses — music, flowers, building upkeep and renovation, art restoration, liturgy, vestments, and so on — and some were given for the general maintenance of this magnificent building and its artistic treasures. But every one, regardless of size, or origin, has come at a moment when most needed, like gifts from above, prayers answered and profoundly appreciated, even though they were gifts from our fellow congregation members, friends, and neighbors, gifts from ourselves to each other, to our children, and future generations far beyond. All have, in one way or the other, directly made possible our building, its art and organ, the music and liturgy we enjoy, and the community service programs we support.

How do I help?

The simplest way is to designate a gift in your will to Ascension, whether of cash, stocks, bonds, or other assets. You can also make Ascension a beneficiary of your life insurance policy, retirement fund, or IRA. Discuss the options with your estate attorney.

The Legacy Society

A group of “angels” in our congregation or neighborhood has already made pledges or they have included Ascension in their estate plans.

These include (alphabetically):
Erica Engels
Christabel Gough
Charles E. Merrill
Dr. & Mrs. Herbert Plimpton, Jr.

Past Legacy givers include:

  • Ripley Allbright
  • Carl C. Ashby
  • Joseph Auerbach
  • Edith A. Basch
  • Joan P. Bauer
  • Grace Hall Blashfield
  • Florence A. Bowes
  • Margaret J. Breen
  • Harold Browne
  • Clara Claasen
  • Marie T. Conro
  • Susan Alfreda Cox
  • Mary E. Cummings
  • Vernon de Tar
  • Edith King Donald
  • Thomas Crow Dunham
  • Lowell Evans
  • Catherine B. Fair
  • Louis W. Fairchild
  • Selma Farr
  • Dorothy Anne Fernenbauch
  • Gawtry Bequest
  • Ester D. Hamilton
  • Geraldine Hiller
  • Georginia Hutchin
  • Daisy Jedge
  • John Julian
  • Ruth M. Kennedy
  • Charlotte Kesselring
  • Maria Grange Kidder
  • D. Lapsley
  • Mary E. Leurning
  • Nathalie L. Longstreth
  • Meda Lynn
  • Sir Edwin and Lady Florence Manton
  • The Manton Family Foundation
  • Kenneth May
  • Mary S. Marshall
  • Armeda McKee
  • A. Bruce McKensie
  • John Meekin
  • Thomas C. Meeks
  • Charles Nourse
  • Rose Parsons
  • Ilona Plasnik
  • Helen Ingram Plummer
  • Maude J. Prile
  • Kelman Ptasnik
  • William Ray
  • Richard Roth
  • Mabel Stratton
  • Sinaly Fund
  • Arthur & Eleanor Sptiznagel Trust
  • Olive Trapp
  • Anne Blanchard Tufts
  • Vissher Fund
  • J. Alden Weir
  • Dennis Weiscopf

To these far-sighted benefactors we are literally indebted for all time. We offer the thanks and blessings of future generations.