Monday in the Second Week of Lent

Cross for Lent 2012Genesis 41:46-57
Psalms 56, 57, 58, 64, 65
1 Cor 4:8-21
Mark 3:7-19a

In Genesis, Joseph has adjusted to life in Egypt and entered the service of the Pharaoh. After interpreting Pharaoh’s dream, he stores up enough food for seven years that when the seven years of famine arrive there is enough grain in Egypt to feed the world. When the Egyptians cry to Pharaoh for bread he instructs them to go to Joseph and do what he says. Joseph has been given authority to handle the distribution of food for the entire nation.

In the Gospel, Jesus instructs his disciples to have a boat ready for him to escape the crowds of people so they won’t crush him. He has been given such power to cure that so many people just want to touch him.

Another example of power demonstrated by Jesus is his ability to select twelve apostles and grant them the power to cast out demons and to proclaim God’s message.

God grants some form of power to each of us. During this Lenten season may we discover what it is and learn how to use it to further God’s cause.