Monday in the Fifth Week of Lent

by Kate Rutherford

How interesting to look at the two readings in this time of #metoo and #timesup. In both Daniel 13 and in John 8, a woman is saved from death, even though each had been accused by high-status men. Daniel confronted the wicked judges directly, after Susannah called out to God to address the wrongful accusation. In John 8, Jesus did not look at the Pharisees when they presented the adulterous woman, trying to find a way to bring charges against him. Jesus wrote on the ground as he said that the person without sin should throw the first stone. His words must have reverberated in the silence, turning the judgment back on those who accused the woman under false pretenses.

The contrast of the beloved Twenty-third Psalm, with its “table prepared in the presence of my enemies” seems to offer solace and shelter to the women who were so vulnerable in the Old Testament and Gospel readings.

One thinks of our hyper-judgmental environment and how quickly cable news and Facebook take viral the judgments of people, places or things. Perhaps, in this season of Lent, I can watch my reactions and ask for willingness to seek the still waters so that I can see the goodness and mercy in my life today.