Monday in Holy Week

by Gretchen Dumler

May it never be our lot to suffer as Jesus did for the choices he made.

Lazarus too was deemed a bounder after his miraculous rise from death identified him as a Christ-enabler. His life too was threatened by the High Priests.

And Mary, choosing to spend all that loot on frivolous nard to anoint her Christ, came in for hoots of disapproval.

People making sacrificial choices for their convictions.

How sacrificially do we hold our convictions? What wins in our actions? If truly passionate about the Earth and all of Creation, does it even hurt to put on an extra sweater rather than turn up the heat? (Sleeping in a cold room is great. Just pile on the blankets, pile on the cats!)

Is it an impossible drag to carry a bottle to refill with whatever liquids? How many lights do we need turned on all at the same time? Is it too painful to learn new habits to save our planet?

I really wanted a beer in the intermission at the Met. I asked the barman: “If I buy a beer, will you give me the bottle, or do you have to put it into a plastic cup?”

“Yup. I have to give you the cup.”

“Then I’ll skip it. I can afford the beer, but not the plastic.” He was right there with me on that — and I didn’t miss the beer (much).

If we’re planning to live another 10 years, we’re going to see more awful changes than we already do. So, if we really need that extra “tunic” — at least let’s bring our own bag!