Book Launch Party for Courage Beyond Fear

Join us on Saturday, May 4, from 4-6pm in the Parish Hall for this book launch party. Ascension parishioners especially invited! Courage Beyond Fear is a collection of sermons from theologians and ministers who taught and studied at seminaries that underwent wrenching change, often when corporate-style governance was vaunted over theological education, spiritual insight, and community. This book, edited by Katie Day and Deirdre Good, is the first to record stories of seminary and theological school crises from an inside perspective of students and faculty living through those changes. “Drawing on scripture, history and faith, these uncompromising voices set out questions of forgiveness, vision, and faithfulness which are essential reading for anyone dealing with institutional or personal loss,” Rebecca Lyman, Professor Emerita of History, Church Divinity School of the Pacific, wrote in her review. Dr. Good will join us as our guest preacher on Sunday, May 5, 2019.