Iraqi Christians – Update

Here is an update from Canon Bill Schwarz of the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf on the school that we helped fund: Greetings from Baghdad. All is well here, and the primary school opened for students a week ago. So far there are only about 50 from grades 1-3, but they are still getting basic arrangements up and running like recruitment of teachers. It’s a wonderful dream come true. There is still more construction to finish so that they can use the building to capacity and introduce grades 4-6, but I’m confident the funding will be coming through.

What prompted me to write is a chance meeting yesterday with Fr Ogin who is in charge of the IDP camp where your help and funding created a resource/learning center a couple of years ago. He said that about 80% of the residents are still in the camp and that the Center is being used all of the time for all kinds of programs. He was very enthusiastic about how wonderful this resource is for serving the community. Here is a link to some photos.