March 21: Voices of Hope

by David Lehmann

In these troubled times I am constantly tuning out some of the negative voices and influences and trying to be more attentive to voices of hope. Today’s readings are perfect for fostering hope. First there’s Haggai (chapter 2); This is one of the shortest books of the Bible and one I most often forget even exists. But his words “I am with you; fear not” and “I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations will come.” “Fear not” are among the most reassuring words in the Bible. How comforting with troubles continuing in the Middle East and with North Korea and Russia continuing to rattle sabres. I pray that the desire of all nations is peace. I know it will come in God’s time.

In John 12 we are reminded that we are “children of light” and that we must not “love the praise of men more than of God.”

Psalm 119 encourages us to “hide Thy words in our hearts” and reminds us “not to forget Thy words.”

These are all words to live by in times of trouble. During the quiet time of Lent and every day I must seek that still small voice that is His spirit speaking. I must learn to tune out more strident voices from outside and focus on God’s simplest messages: Love thy God with thy whole heart and thy neighbor as thyself.


  • Psalm 119:9-16
  • Haggai 2:1-9,20-23
  • John 12:34-50