March 15: An Alliteration of Rs

by Janet Fisher

A series of “r” words surfaced in my mind in looking over these passages —

rest, repair, replenish, reflecting.

Individually and/or collectively these passages point to a direction we are to be mindful of and embrace in our lives. In the Hebrews passage we are extended an invitation to enter rest. Isaiah bids us to return to rest. The Psalm encourages us to reflect and repair. At their core these ancient passages provide solutions for our busy convoluted lives that short-change us on rest.

Today much is being explored in the medical community over insufficient sleep. How much of it do we need? How do we get quality sleep? Are there different requirements for various age categories? How does it affect our daily interactions on our jobs, in our homes and in our communities? How does sleep impact our current and future health status? Meditation, which works for some but not all, is one of the recommended tools to address this crisis.

May I commend to you prayer 59 on page 832 in the Book of Common Prayer — “For Quiet Confidence” — as a means of sliding into some of these “r” words particularly if your schedule seems to crowd out the possibilities for sufficient rest, repair, replenishment and reflecting. I have personally found this prayer to be helpful when overwhelmed by the freight of life.