Resistance Cinema – Feb. 6th at 7pm

Ascension Outreach and Resistance Cinema present The Great White Hoax in the Parish House of The Church of the Ascension, 12 West 11th Street, at 7pm on Tuesday, February 6, 2018. The film features acclaimed anti-racist educator and author Tim Wise who explores how American political leaders of both parties have been tapping into white anxiety, stoking white grievance, and scapegoating people of color for decades to divide and conquer working class voters and shore up political support. The film also widens its scope to show how highly charged rhetoric about African-Americans, Latinos, and Muslims fits within a longstanding historical pattern, offering a stunning survey of how racism and racial scapegoating have shaped American politics for centuries. This film is an ideal resource for deepening awareness of race relations, white privilege, the intersectionality of race, class, and gender identities, and political propaganda. Special guest speakers TBA; free of charge – donations gratefully received.