Ash Wednesday: A Reflection

by Alison Burns

Lent is my most favorite time of year. It is the one time in our liturgical calendar where we are encouraged to rid ourselves of worldly distractions and return to the most important relationship of all – our relationship with God. It is a time of penitent renewal, through repentance and reconciliation. A time where we un­complicate the complicated,and are reborn in the simplicity of Love through sacrifice and atonement.

To my God I pray,
that as I am marked as Christ’s own this very day, I may remember that Christ alone is my treasure and in abiding in His love for me may I bow humbly before you asking you most Holy One forgiveness for my

earthly ways and mercy for my wayward days; and in between my breath and song say you hear the sorrow for my wrongs. Rid me Lord of the burdens that distract and with the purity of your Love enact the poetry of your sacrifice, your Love divine. Yes, I am but dust, and to dust I shall return, but with a contrite and humble heart may I come to better know my part for all that matters here, I see, the love I have