Episcopal Church & Visual Arts: Fall 2017 Exhibition

Artist: Posey Krakowsky

Episcopal Church & Visual Arts presents its Fall 2017 exhibition, ‘Telling God Stories in the 21st Century’ which includes art by The Rev. Posey Krakowsky, Priest Associate at The Church of the Ascension. She provided the following statement about her art (left) which is included in the exhibit:

“This piece was created for the Church of St Luke in the Fields in NYC, and it is a processional banner. Seeing her carried in procession gives me great joy. She sways and ripples with a graceful fluidity that reminds me of God’s movement among us. The image follows the established iconography for representations of OLoW. She holds a lily, representing purity, and she wears the Anglo Saxon crown. Sitting in her lap, Jesus holds the Gospel with one hand and gestures his protection of us with the other. Our Lady is seated on a throne — her feet rest on the “Toadstone of Evil,” a signal that Jesus has conquered evil.”

You can view the entire exhibit online with this link.

The following statement about the exhibit is from the Curator, Deborah Cantwell:
It is human nature to share our life events. Some spend hours chatting about the day’s events with each other, while others post their minute-by-minute happenings within groups or broadcast to the world on social media. We talk about our children, our challenges, our successes, our needs and hopes, but we don’t always recognize God’s presence in these important life subjects. The vision for this exhibit is to provide an opportunity for people to share their interpretations of how and where they see and experience the presence of God in their lives, relationships and surroundings, without limit to traditional mediums.

Additional artists included in the exhibit are as follows:

Karen Crandall Simpson, Jean Tudor, Erin McGee Ferrell, Mary Jane Oliver, Terry Gay Puckett, Gary Gorby, Doug Earle, Joy Jennings, Geraldine Benfante, Amy Unfried, Virginia Wieringa, Margaret Adams Parker, Kathleen Dubour, Catherine Gibbs, Karen Hamel, Sheila McCarthy, Mary-Ann Poggi, Lisa Thorpe, Kathy Eppick, Caroline Furlong, Diana Atwood McCutcheon, Bob Epley, Steven Schroeder, Jauneth Skinner, Frank Logue, Rara Schlitt, Kathy Thaden, Sarah Rehfeldt, Posey Krakowsky, Gary Dicer, Karen Loew, Pat Merriman, Halldor Hjalmarson, Judith Fritchman, Alisa Clark, Kathleen Stark, Kathy Bozzuti-Jones, Lucy Janjigian, Caroline Coolidge Brown, Phyllis Jaffe, Patricia Resmondo, C. Robin Janning, Helen Faythe Green, Linda Witte Henke, Roberta Karstetter, Richard Bellows, Elizabeth Rose Scholder, and Shin-Hee Chin.