Resistance Cinema: The Lost Village

The Lost Village promotional posterPlease join us at 7pm on Tuesday, May 2, in the Ascension Parish Hall, 12 West 11th Street, for a screening and discussion of The Lost Village (2017 – 93 minutes), an examination of the relationship between New York University and real estate development in Greenwich Village. The film recently won the New York City International Film Festival’s award for “Best New York Documentary Feature Film.” Filmmaker Roger Paradiso and a friend of Resistance Cinema featured in the film, Sharon Woolums, will be on hand to guide our post-screening discussion.

From the festival’s summary:

Once a haven for the proverbial starving artist who brought creativity as their currency, the Village is now a hangout for cover bands and Wall Street hipsters hopelessly aspiring to recreate something that is lost. We encounter testimony of NYU students turning to prostitution to pay NYU’s predatory tuition that fuels NYU’s real estate ambitions.

We find “Mom and Pop Shops” in trouble. Their closures have changed the culture and character of our Village. High rents and no regulations cause over 1,000 small businesses to leave New York City every month.

Can the Village be saved? Or is Greenwich Village lost forever?

Sponsored by Ascension Outreach Inc. and Resistance Cinema, this screening is free; donations will be gratefully received.

Watch the trailer here or here:

The Lost Village Trailer 2.28.17 from Roger Paradiso on Vimeo.