Thursday in the Third Week of Lent

by Meredith Ward

abstract art

It’s easy for me to get riled up these days. Just reading the morning paper, my muscles tighten and my stomach clenches. Like the “strong man, fully armed,” my guard is up before I’ve even left the house.

I recognize this state of righteous indignation, of being tense, resentful, willful, intransigent, described in very simple terms in the readings for today: unhearing ears, stiffened necks, hardened hearts, mute lips. Body parts not functioning as they should are warning signs that something is out of sync.

I don’t think that’s the way Jesus wants me to start my day, let alone live my life. He seems to suggest that a softer approach is in order. Supple necks, listening ears, softened hearts, lips that speak out — this is the disposition he wants. I don’t need to go out armed to the teeth and ready for battle. I go with Jesus.

His healing power overcomes all barriers, even my own.