Saturday in the Second Week of Lent

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All three readings deal with forgiveness, compassion and mercy. The Prodigal Son is a beloved story embracing forgiveness and loving kindness.

“I once was lost but now I’m found…”

Forgiveness relieves us from the pressure of negativity and begins the conversation of compromise that lead to basic solidarity. We are in a human state that begs for decency.

Forgiving those that trespass against us is hard work.

Forgiveness is an action that requires setting aside ego. To forgive is not an acceptance of wrongdoing, it’s a path to discovering the common truth. In compassion we find mercy and healing.

These lessons are difficult under any circumstances.

I find the reminder poignant in our current political climate. I am inspired by President Obama’s farewell speech. He called upon us to be “anxious Guardians of Democracy “.

Forgiveness is not passive; it requires maintenance.

I forgive you because I love you, and we can build on that.
I forgive myself, in order to prepare a way to peace.
I forgive human weakness because I am human.
I forgive because I’m optimistic and hopeful that we can do better.
I will try to forgive without judgment because it can lead to a joyous liberation.