Monday in the First Week of Lent

by Judy Cope

abstract art

It appears that as much as we may feel comfortable or restless in this world … this is not our home.

To be completely honest, I found myself frustrated with Matthew 25:31-46. Separating the good and the bad? I thought we were saved by believing in the sacrificed lamb. Mercy is unmerited and not earned. Even a prisoner crucified with Jesus can see paradise the same day by believing.

I am grateful for my NIV Study Bible that suggested Revelation 20:11-15 in the notes to Matthew 25. Jesus is talking about his second coming even before he has died for us.

Have any of you ever recorded an Olympic contest or an awards ceremony that you knew the outcome before you actually saw the show? Read Revelation 20 and then go back to our readings for today. Our entire perspective changes. Our earthly life is a temporal state and our readings for today are just clues on how to live a happy life. In Leviticus, Moses is trying to open our eyes to God’s instruction to let go of anything that you have against anyone. It sours us and divides us from our relationship with God. Years later David’s Psalm reminds us that our words and our meditations keep us connected to our Father.

A clean heart is our choice, no matter what the circumstances are. Jesus speaks to us in Matthew, revealing that he will come again and he and the Father reign. They overcome death and throw evil into a lake of burning sulfur.

Hold on to the Revelation perspective and trust that anything that gets between you and the Father is pointless. Use this wisdom to love our enemies and find our rest.