Friday in the Fourth Week of Lent

abstract art

“You know me,
and you know
where I am

We acknowledge Jesus as the Son of God — but do we really understand what that meant to Jesus and what it means to us in our relationship with Jesus?

In this reading from John, we are shown that Jesus was afraid to attend the Feast of Booths in Judea. He knew there were Jews looking to kill him so while the others went ahead, he followed in secret, perhaps intending to be a bystander. However, once he was there, Jesus again felt compelled to preach in the temple, overcoming his fears, because of the strength of his commitment to God, his Father.

As Jesus courageously sought to make himself known in the temple in Judea, can we then unite ourselves in spirit with Jesus? Do we have the strength of conviction and a strong enough commitment to Jesus to overcome our fears and prejudices?

Can we live the message of Jesus which is to love one another as he loves us, without prejudice?