Friday in the First Week of Lent

by Maurice Seaton

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Once, when I was a child, a Sunday school teacher explained sin something like this:

When we talk to God about the things we have done wrong (our sins) and say we are sorry, God’s heart is glad. If we ask God to forgive us and help us not to do those things again, God forgives us and immediately forgets about our sins forever. And the angels rejoice in heaven.

I often ponder those words. It was the first time I felt God was not going to keep a scorecard of my sins and hold them against me. It still makes me feel better about myself and God, knowing God’s forgiveness is complete if we are honest.

The Psalms are refreshingly honest about the human condition; the psalmist directly addresses God. In my own struggles through life, it’s great to know that I too can be honest and direct with God!

Today’s Psalm 130 offers hope for redemption and an invitation to lift our voice to God:

Lord, hear my voice; let your ears consider well the voice of my supplication. (v. 1)


With him there is plenteous redemption. (v. 7)

Honesty from you and me is, I believe, something that God craves from us. How honest and direct are we with God, ourselves, and with those we love?