Film Series presents “Electoral Dysfunction”

Electoral DysfunctionAscension Outreach, Inc. and Resistance Cinema sponsor First Tuesday Film Series. On Tuesday, Septmeber 6, 2016 at 7pm we present Electoral Dysfunction by the Center For Independent Documentary, written, produced, and directed by David Deschamps, Leslie D. Farrel, and Bennett Singer, featuring Mo Rocca (2012, 90 min) in The Church of the Ascension Parish Hall, 12 West 11th Street. Admission is free and donations are appreciated.

The presentation will include a special guest: Producer David Deschamps will lead a post screening discussion which will be very enlightening!

Electoral Dysfunction opens as host Mo Rocca makes a startling discovery: The right to vote is absent from the U.S. Constitution. Mo then embarks on a quest to find out why the Founding Fathers deliberately left the right to vote out of the Constitution—and to learn why the greatest democracy on earth has a dysfunctional voting system. (Jimmy Carter, for example, refuses to send election monitors to the U.S. because, as he puts it, “basic requirements for a fair election” are missing here.)

Mo’s quest—set against the backdrop of the historic 2008 presidential election—leads him to Indiana, home to some of the toughest voting laws in the country. He meets two feisty Hoosiers, Republican Dee Dee Benkie and Democrat Mike Marshall, who take him inside their efforts to turn out every vote. As he progresses on his journey, Mo investigates the heated battle over Voter ID and voter fraud; searches for the Electoral College; critiques ballot design with Todd Oldham; and explores the case of a former felon who was sentenced to ten years in prison—for the crime of voting.