Just As I Am, Without One Plea

by George Carr

That we may walk in the way of his cross
Hosea 6:1-6

I wake up to Life each day worried, confused and even beaten. Why? Why? Why? I mutter to myself. I want answers. I want The Answer. And I want it now. I turn on TV and CNN. I read The New York Times. I reach for the smartphone and read blogs, newsletters and emails. I dial that phone to speak to another who I hope has what I am looking for. But alas, night comes and I turn to my pillows, covers and that beckoning bed. Unfortunately, no answers were found. Is the answer I seek somewhere right in front of me that I cannot see with my eyes? Is that answer with someone that I cannot hear with my ears? Why isn’t the answer in my laptop? I guess The Answer that I really seek is with The Lord. I don’t think He ever left me. I think I leave him. I must return to Him.

Luke 18:9-14

So here I spent my life achieving — good grades in school and position and money in work. That is all great for others — to impress them. But does God really care about your title on your business card or how many followers you have on Instagram? But then I lost my business and my professional position and my financial savings. I work so hard at rebuilding all of this wanting God’s acceptance and praise. But it seems, God really wants me, my failings and my humility. This is not easy for someone brought up in this result-oriented society. This Easter, I give you, Lord, my sins. Take them and do with them as you want not as I want. I followed my way. Now, it is time to follow Your Way. Help me, Lord. Have mercy on me.

Saturday, March 05, 2016
Hosea 6:1-6
Psalm 51:15-20
Luke 18:9-14

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