No Bulls, No Goats, No Scented Candles

lent-4quartersHow do we know the best way to show appreciation? Have you ever given someone a housewarming or thank you gift that you knew immediately was a little wrong or unwelcome? I know at our house we seem to get many scented candles. It is not common knowledge that my husband is allergic to smoke and fragrances. Do we refuse the gift? No; accept it, feel warm and fuzzy that our friend loves us, then quietly re-gift it.

This is harmless, but what to do if the gift was difficult or somehow caused pain to the giver? This is where God is standing in the Psalm. The difficult and painful gifts given to him are unnecessary and burdensome. In these situations one must give direction about how to show appreciation.

Four short lines, or, one run-on sentence, give us direction about how to show appreciation to God. Here and elsewhere in Lenten readings the direction is given. It seems our lives are the thank offerings God requests. We have vows to keep and lives to use to glorify God. What are the gifts he has given each of us? What are our talents that make us unique?

This Lenten season I am looking to my heart to create my life to glorify God.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Isaiah 1:2-4,16-20
Psalm 50:7-15,22-24
Matthew 23:1-12