God’s Kingdom Come, God’s Will Be Done

by Judy Cope

LentWhat struck me most profoundly with these three writings is the growth from Prophet and Psalmist through the Messiah. Up until now, God has blessed us with superhuman people or what the Bible described as anointed people to teach us His ways. It’s ironic that in Matthew 6:1, Jesus has just instructed us to pray in secret and build a relationship with him in private, just before he gives us the most public prayer of all time. Nearly every church I have ever attended recited the Lord’s Prayer together, but the content is the example not the discipline.

The Lord’s Prayer asks us to keep his name holy, it instructs us to find our purpose; necessities or daily bread are in God’s plan for us. Take responsibility for our sins and receive God’s Grace and forgiveness. Evil will come against us but trust that the Lord is by our side. We know how the story ends: God is the victor.

With Christ’s death we now can be anointed to be super human too. Perhaps one hour a week in church will not fuel the confidence we need. I think the methods are numbered as much as there are individuals in the world, but a daily exercise of looking for the Holy Spirit in every person we meet could help us move closer to the intimate (or “into mate”) that hungers and thirsts for Him. I am grateful that the light is so bright in the eyes of this church family. Let us own our growth and plant seeds.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016
Isaiah 55:6-11
Psalm 34:15-22
Matthew 6:7-15