The Light of Lent: Lent 5

by The Rev. Shelley D. McDade

Lent 2 color pictureThe nature of our existence allows for countless journeys to be experienced. The journey of time and circumstance. The journey of alliance and detachment. The journey of pleasure and regret. The journey postponed and the journey remembered. The journey of knowledge. The journey of innocence. And the journey of love.

Our Lenten journey, if entered genuinely with an exposed and defenseless heart, summons all such contributions to be embraced by the soul. There is no promise of perfection or satisfaction. But, there is an end. A time to celebrate. A time to respond and be encouraged by those around us who have traveled alongside our vulnerabilities and allowed our souls to take new shape. A journey endured opens gates to renewed and expanded territory. An invitation to continue exploration or to just sit, be still and know.

Let us now begin to draw our observances to a close and gaze upon the horizon of Lent which lies ahead. Let us extinguish the final candle that has captured our concentration and prepare ourselves to be enlightened with a new fire which God is tendering for our safe passage home.

God of all truth, you are truth itself, and therefore truth is not an idea or a concept, but first of all a life, an energy, a love, a relationship with everything. Teach us to love truth and to truthfully love; then we always know we will be loving you. Amen.