Rectory Rehab

by Charles Schmidt

Our period of transition presents us the opportunity to do some much-needed rehabilitation of our rectory. Renovation of its electrical and plumbing systems in particular is essential.

The Ascension vestry, and also the Buildings and Grounds and Finance committees, have been considering the best use of our rectory, as this will dictate the direction taken with the work to be done. The vestry has commissioned a task force to focus on this. The task force is composed of representatives of the vestry, the Buildings and Grounds Committee, the Finance Committee, parishioners-at-large and Mother Shelley. The task force’s mission is to collect and evaluate potential uses for the rectory that, while not limited to use as our next rector’s home, will serve as a substantial resource to the parish and the community. In addition, this must be done in a fiscally responsible manner.

To better familiarize our parishioners with the rectory’s interior, the task force will arrange tours of the space beginning after Labor Day.

The task force welcomes all suggestions, and has created an e-mail address to facilitate distribution of your comments to all its members. Please send your ideas to: The members of the task force are John Grimes, Sirkka Kyle, Tom Rice, Charles Schmidt, Phil and Ann Smith, and the Rev. Shelley McDade.