Message from the Wardens

Dear Parishioners,

With great joy and excitement we announce that Mtr. Shelley McDade is the Interim Pastor of the Church of the Ascension. We thank the members of the Interim Search Committee for their patience and seriousness of purpose in discerning this choice. This decision was made by the Vestry after a great deal of thought and prayer, and with the blessing of the Bishop. We thank Mtr. Shelley for her support of all of us as we pursued the search process.

As Interim Pastor, Mtr. Shelley will continue to lead our worship and work closely with the wardens and vestry in meeting the many challenges we face in the here and now. She will also continue to help our entire parish community prepare for our next rector. We will employ an assisting priest to help Mtr. Shelley with worship, pastoral care, Ascension Outreach and other parish needs.

Mtr. Shelley will serve us as Interim Pastor until a new rector has been called. We take the many beauties of the Holy Week just past as a sign that she will challenge our hearts, our minds and our hands to find God in our midst and to act with love and fearlessness.


Steven Hubbard & David Cholcher