Lenten Quiet Day: The Elements of Spirituality

Lenten graphicCome join The Rev. Dr. Clair McPherson, Professor of Ascetical Theology and Patristics at General Seminary, who will lead us in our annual Lenten Quiet Day on Saturday, March 16 from 10 AM – 2 PM.

Frank Griswold once said that Spirituality is “intentional discipleship,” and that echoes what St. Paul said almost two thousand years before: real Christian living, living in the Spirit, is something deliberate, something intended, and something that we do-not something that happens to us.

So how can we become intentional disciples? What are the tools of Spirituality? That is our subject for our Lenten Quiet Day this year-to re-examine and refine the basic elements of the spiritual life, to become aware of their origins and history, and to consider how we might make them part of our own intentional discipleship, our own life in the Spirit.

It will be, in one sense, back to the basics-fasting, vigils, meditation, devotional reading, prayerful Scripture study, the Daily Office. But from another, it will be a moment of renewal, as we encounter these ancient gifts of the spiritual life as if for the first time.

A simple lunch will be served. Please RSVP by March 14th to Ethan Mandel at ethan dot mandel @ gmail dot com.