Monday in the First Week of Lent

Psalm 19:7-14
Leviticus 19:1-2, 11-18
Matthew 25:31-46

TO THE HEBREWS HUDDLED in the desert against the forbidding heights of Mt. Sinai, the God who had liberated them from the Egyptians presented the Law. These Ten Commandments were a code for relating to both God and man. The psalmist, in a later generation, says the Law “revives the soul, sweeter than honey, finer than gold.”

In Christ, we have the Law taken a step further. He refined it, as a tool for us to reach out to those around us in all walks of life. For he charged us to “feed the hungry, satisfy the thirsty, clothe the naked.” Our Lord tells us that if we do these things, we do them also to him, and we will become inheritors of the Kingdom. What a promise! His pronouncements are a logical extension of the Law from Mt. Sinai.

During this Lenten period, we should make an earnest attempt to do what our Lord has asked of us — to reach out to those about us and clearly attempt to build bridges with honesty and sincerity. Our Lord has given us a great blueprint for living in harmony, trust, compassion, understanding and most of all, in love toward one another. Indeed, a difficult task, but clearly, not impossible. If we don’t try, then we lose the opportunity to live by our Lord’s instruction and reap his promises.

Moreover, by following the Law, we can set a standard for our life which, the psalmist tells us, will be happier, sweeter and more fulfilling.

Let us put it to the test during this Lenten season and throughout the long year. Let us join together on this voyage of discovery of a deeper, more edifying life experience.