Caregivers at Ascension

As anyone knows who has tried it, caring for an ill or disabled person can be exhausting. The physical demands are often great, and the psychological ones frequently overwhelming. Our culture tells us that no sacrifice for a loved one is too great, that caregivers must give their all — and then some more. It is an impossible situation — and then some more.

To address this situation The Rev. Mark Glidden, a licensed mental health professional, has founded a caregivers’ support group (no fee) at the Church of the Ascension. Assured of confidentiality, participants discuss their concerns openly and freely. “Whatever is said here stays here.” In addition to the benefit of ventilating, there is also an exchange of practical information, often very helpful.

The group meets from 3 to 4:30 PM on Saturdays in the ground floor meeting room of the Ascension rectory, 7 1/2 West 10th St. All those who are caregivers by circumstances rather than profession are welcome. For more information call Father Glidden at 212-534-9959 or e-mail him.