Vestry Notes

At its June Meeting the Vestry:

  • Heard from Fr. Andrew that Fr. Mark has submitted his resignation in order to begin a new position with NYU at the Abu Dhabi campus in August.
  • Heard Fr. Mark report that 58 people attended the Moveable Feast benefit for Ascension Outreach and that the event raised $6,300.
  • Learned from Deacon Anne that the Women’s Rights subcommittee will be meeting through the summer.
  • Heard Wardens Grimes and Piccone report on a meeting of Wardens from 8 parishes in the New York City Diocese with members of the Diocesan Budget Committee. The group met to discuss ways to ease the burden of the ever-growing Diocesan Assessment.
  • Voted unanimously to give the annual Designated Giving Grant to the Caring Community earlier this year so that they can take advantage of a matching grant that expires in June.
  • Learned from Fr. Andrew that we received a grant for the Sealed By The Spirit capital campaign from the M. Holt Massey Foundation in the amount of $1,201.00.

At its July Meeting the Vestry:

  • Learned from Fr. Andrew that the construction projects in the church are slightly ahead of schedule and that the scaffolding will be coming down in early August.
  • Learned from Fr. Mark that Ascension is in receipt of a first edition book written by John LaFarge about his travel to Japan. The book has a handwritten note from LaFarge to the then Rector, E. Winchester Donald. The book will be placed in the library.
  • Heard Fr. Mark note that this is his last Vestry Meeting at Ascension and he thanked everyone for the three wonderful years he has spent here.
  • Elected Stanley Weinberg and Stephen Hagerty to be Lay Delegates, and Ned Fitch to be an Alternate Delegate, to the Diocesan Convention in November.
  • Formally thanked Fr. Mark for all his hard work and service over the past three years at Ascension.

The Vestry generally meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Parish Hall. Meetings are open to the parish and parishioners are welcome, in advance of the meeting, to request time to address Vestry.

Sibyl Piccone, Warden

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