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Ascension Day – celebrate our parish feast day!

Ascension Day is Thursday, May 25, when we celebrate our parish’s feast day with a Festal Eucharist at 7pm. There will be special music by the Ascension Choir (music listed below on right sidebar) and the service will be followed by a grand party in the Parish Hall. Please join us to celebrate both the …  [ More → ]

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Become an Episcopalian!

Are you thinking of being confirmed, or received into the Episcopal Church? Do you just want to learn more about this particular Anglican way of being a Christian? This year’s Inquirer’s Class will start shortly after Easter. It will prepare those who want to make a deeper commitment to Christ through confirmation or reception to …  [ More → ]

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Centering Prayer Wednesday mornings

The Centering Prayer group meets every Wednesday morning from 7:30–8:15 a.m. All are welcome! Join us in contemplative silent prayer with friends in the presence of God. Enter through the Chapel doors to the right of the Church entrance on Fifth Avenue in the middle of the block between 10th and 11th Streets.

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Resistance Cinema: The Lost Village

Please join us at 7pm on Tuesday, May 2, in the Ascension Parish Hall, 12 West 11th Street, for a screening and discussion of The Lost Village (2017 – 93 minutes), an examination of the relationship between New York University and real estate development in Greenwich Village. The film recently won the New York City …  [ More → ]

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“Tantric Jesus” Author to Preach April 23

On Sunday, April 23, the Rev. Dr. James Reho will be with us at Ascension to preach and lead a forum on his new book, Tantric Jesus, following the 11 a.m. service. His book explores resonances between early/Eastern Christian spirituality and Indian and Tibetan Tantra. From the book’s Forward, by noted Creation Spirituality theologian the …  [ More → ]

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Happy Easter!

At the Church of the Ascension, we celebrate the truth of the resurrection of Jesus Christ year-round, at every service. But we celebrate the event of the resurrection, particularly, during Eastertide, and especially at the first four Eucharists held at the conclusion of Holy Week. Here’s some of what you can expect.  [ More → ]

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Holy Saturday

It is difficult if not impossible for me to imagine the depth of the desolation of Jesus’ disciples, friends and followers on this day, particularly perhaps after night had fallen. They lost a beloved leader, under circumstances which seemed to negate entirely his message. He had died a cruel and degrading death at the hands of the Romans with the connivance of the established powers of their own nation. [ More → ]

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Good Friday

In one sense, Good Friday is probably considered the darkest day of the Christian year. After all, we commemorate the crucifixion, and the Church traditionally observes the day with a solemn three-hour service, and with fasting. However, it is also part of the “Triduum” or three great days extending from Maundy Thursday to Easter Eve… [ More → ]

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Maundy Thursday

Feet are strong — each foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Feet are also sensitive — from a harmless tickle to a fractured toe or heel spur. All this said, feet tend to get a bad rap. Because of this stigma we tend to hide our feet and are protective of them, which brings me to the reading from John. [ More → ]

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The Triduum

The Paschal Triduum (Paschal from the Hebrew פֶּסַח, transliterated as “Pesach,” meaning “Passover,” and triduum from the Latin for “three days”) refers to the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday before Easter Sunday. They are among the holiest days of the year for Christians and observed with great sincerity and preparation at the Church of the Ascension.
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