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Dear  Friends  and Fellow Parishioners,
O come let us sing unto the Lord, let us heartily rejoice in the strength of our salvation
2022 Stewardship Campaign
Pledge Goal: $400,000
After a year and a half like no other, our theme for the 2022 Stewardship Campaign is Salvation, Resurrection, Renewal and Hope. As we gradually return to in-person worship after being limited in our traditional parish activities, we reflect on the deepest resources of our faith. The renewal has begun. We are meeting again on Sundays in our beloved sanctuary and churchyard. In order to include members of the Ascension family who are not comfortable returning to in person worship, or who live at a distance from Manhattan, we will continue “hybrid” services for the indefinite future. We are working to find the best possible way to move forward, following the path God puts before us. We rejoice in our return and in our hope for renewal, even as we seek to bring the learnings of this season into our future together. Your pledge has always been vital, and never more than this year! Pledges allow us to plan our ministry in 2022, steward our finances responsibly, and strengthen the bonds in the Ascension community. Please maintain or increase your pledge if at all possible. If your finances are uncertain at the moment, a generous one-time donation now will be most appreciated. Remember that you can also adjust your pledge at any time if your circumstances change. As always, your time, talent and presence are needed and deeply appreciated. We have made your gifts to Ascension even easier with Abundant Giving. The specifics of this option are carefully explained below under Payment Options. To make and pay your pledge, choose Stewardship. Of course, we also welcome special gifts to the Offering Plate, Rector’s Fund or as a Memorial Gift. Payments by check and credit card are fine as well.  Just indicate your preference on the Pledge Form to the right. Please note these important dates and activities in our Stewardship Campaign:
  • Sunday, October 17 24: Commissioning of Canvassers
  • Wednesday, October 27: Annual Harvest Dinner (online, revisiting last year’s wonderful experience of community fun and celebration)
  • Sunday, November 21: Blessing of the Pledges.
If all your questions are not answered after you review the information on this page, do not hesitate to contact a Stewardship Committee member or a member of the Clergy. We thank you in advance for your support of our parish as we rejoice in the renewal of the Ascension community and look forward in grateful hope to the next year together.
Your sisters & brothers in Christ,
The Rev. Liz Maxwell, Rector The Ascension Stewardship Committee Eric Achacoso, Peter Clark, David Lehmann, Rachel Sedor

Rejoice with us by pledging your support ofHope and Renewal at Ascension

Salvation, resurrection, renewal, hope — these are the foundations of our faith. At the Church of the Ascension that faith has been challenged as we struggle with the plague of Covid, but hope is in the air! In-person worship returned gradually this past summer and more fully in the fall. Worship via Internet has been a saving grace that kept hope alive for many of us. Yet even as we continue the fight against the virus, we sense the “strength of our salvation.” Come, with your offerings of talent, time, and monetary gifts, and join in the time of renewal and hope at Ascension. Pledge your support today!

Ascension’s renewal: Action and plans

  • Worship in the church began gradually and carefully in the summer and fall, even as communal prayer via online services continues.
  • Our determination to serve continues with our Food Pantry remaining open due to the dedication of clergy and volunteers.
  • Our clergy and laity have made concerted efforts to reach out to those among us in vulnerable circumstances.
  • Active groups of clergy and laity are working to confront racism, contemplate reparations, and build a future of greater social justice for all, especially those who have been historically excluded.
  • Dedicated volunteers have been key to reopening our church and will be even more necessary as we continue to revive activities.

Our message to you about financial support

  • Whether you worship with us in person or via Internet, you are invited to join us in supporting communal life at Ascension.
  • We know the pandemic has affected our members financially in differing ways. If you have been fortunate enough to have a stable income, please consider increasing your support for Ascension. If not, please help according to your means.
  • Your support is not limited to financial contributions. We welcome your talents and participation in our ongoing activities.
  • Your pledge of support to Ascension now will make it possible to plan for the coming year.

Why does Ascension need my pledge?

  • Our beautiful old church buildings require constant maintenance. Surveys of their structural condition point to important necessary renovations.
  • Our small staff and clergy have continued their work either remotely or on church property. We received a government loan to help keep the staff on payroll, but that has been expended.
  • While our buildings remained closed, our rental income was greatly reduced. Gradually that revenue is returning, but it is still below pre-pandemic levels.
  • We must plan now for all our activities, so that we are financially ready to respond to both familiar and new challenges in 2022. These include regular worship, educational and community services as we witness to God’s love in changing times.

Facts about finances and pledging

  • It costs about $3,600 a day to keep Ascension running.
  • Your pledge is strictly confidential and tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Ascension cannot rely on its endowment for annual operating experiences! We are fortunate to have a legacy left by members from the past, but only a small portion of that amount is available for operating expenses. For a healthy financial future, we must increase pledge income, and we need your help. Please prayerfully consider your pledge for 2022.
How to Pledge
Making your annual pledge to the Church of the Ascension is easy. Please fill out the online Pledge Card including your name, address, phone number, email address, total amount you are pledging, and frequency of payments.

Payment options:

  1. Pay your pledge by check placed in traditional weekly envelopes that will be mailed to you if you check that box on the Pledge Card.
  2. Pay your pledge by credit/debit card; check the box for the bookkeeper to contact you for this information.
  3. Go to where you can easily choose your payment method and frequency of automatic donations. When you give, you’ll be given the opportunity to create an account with Abundant, our online donations vendor. (While you don’t have to register for an account to give with Abundant, you can register if you plan to give frequently. Registering for an account lets you track your giving history, scheduled gifts, and payment methods. We will also make every effort to match a donor’s email address with his or her pledge.)
    If your Pledge for 2022 is to be paid by recurring payments, e.g. monthly, please make sure to indicate a start date for payments. If you include an ending date, you will need to create a new recurring payment for the next pledge year. If you don’t include an end date, you should still update your recurring gift to apply it toward “Stewardship Pledge 2022” with your new pledge amount by selecting “Scheduled Gifts” under your name, and then choosing “Edit” next to your payment information, as shown below. Call the church if you have questions.

Pledge Form for 2022

I/We pledge the following annual amount to support The Church of the Ascension’s mission and ministry:

Stewardship Calendar

Distribution of Pledge Cards:
October 11–15, 2021

You will receive a pledge card and information in the mail.

Harvest Dinner via Zoom:
October 27, 2021

A parish dinner for everyone — following last year’s successful Zoom gathering, we are planning another event we can all attend online! We will celebrate our life together as a community and hear from an invited guest speaker. Save the date, there is no charge.

Blessing of Pledges:
November 21, 2021

We aim to gather pledges from everyone by
this date for blessing at the 11 a.m. service.