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About Mother Shelley

The Reverend Shelley D. McDade was born and raised in Claymont, Delaware, as a member of the Atonement United Methodist Church. She earned her B.A. degree in Radio/Television and Marketing at Ashland College in Ashland, Ohio, in 1983 and spent the next 24 years working in the marketing and advertising fields while living throughout the United States and the Pacific. In 1996, Mother Shelley moved to New York to continue her career but also found herself growing more spiritually in the richness of all God has to offer in this amazing city. She found a special call to worship in the Episcopal Church and after serving for several years in homeless outreach and other lay and healing ministries, she entered the process for ordination in the Diocese of New York. Mother Shelley earned her Master of Divinity in 2010 from The General Theological Seminary here in Chelsea. She serves as a member of the Eastern Orthodox Committee through the Ecumenical Commission of the Diocese and will continue in her call to serve the city of New York through her work on Ascension Outreach as Executive Director. Mother Shelley has three sisters and extended family and friends who reside (mostly) on the East Coast.

Associate Rector’s Easter Letter

Dear Family and Friends of Ascension, As I write this Easter letter to you our faith is actually transitioning into the fourth week of Lent. A little past the mid-way point of our journeys of reflection, self-discovery and hope toward a renewed and closer relationship with God. Generally, it is a time for solemn thought. …  [ More → ]

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Guest Clergy in October Fr. James Reho

We welcome Fr. James Reho as guest clergy for several Sundays in October. Father Reho currently serves as Chaplain and Director of Pastoral Care, Deployment and Formation, as well as Director of Theological Field Education, at The General Theological Seminary in New York City. Previously, Fr. James served as a priest at Trinity Cathedral, Miami, …  [ More → ]

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Panel of Proclamation on September 30th

Please join us during coffee hour this Sunday to meet and discuss this experience of proclamation with all our summer speakers. Copies of their reflections will be available in the Parish Hall and in the Tract Rack in the Narthex.

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Summer Reading

Between summer romance and mystery novels…try slipping in Richard Rohr’s The Naked Now for an inviting look at how we can find God in all things, people and different religions. Also, if you are looking for a more centering way of exploring your faith through the spiritual life without leaving the beach or city, try …  [ More → ]

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