How Images Shape Our Understanding of Justice

What images have challenged you to form new ideas of what it would mean to work for and live into a more just society? How did they shape you and call you to help make that world become real? This Sunday, Lent 2, we ask you to bring in an image — a photograph or copy of an artwork, or a still image from a film or live performance — that you remember having an impact on how you imagined the possibilities of what the world could be. [ More → ]

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“Tantric Jesus” Author to Preach April 23

On Sunday, April 23, the Rev. Dr. James Reho will be with us at Ascension to preach and lead a forum on his new book, Tantric Jesus, following the 11 a.m. service. His book explores resonances between early/Eastern Christian spirituality and Indian and Tibetan Tantra. From the book’s Forward, by noted Creation Spirituality theologian the …  [ More → ]

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Happy Easter!

At the Church of the Ascension, we celebrate the truth of the resurrection of Jesus Christ year-round, at every service. But we celebrate the event of the resurrection, particularly, during Eastertide, and especially at the first four Eucharists held at the conclusion of Holy Week. Here’s some of what you can expect.  [ More → ]

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Sunday Forum: After Orlando

Forum this Sunday: After Orlando – In the aftermath of the mass shooting and murder of 49 people at Pulse last Saturday in Orlando, Florida, many of us are filled with intense feelings of grief, anger and fear. We struggle too with intersecting issues: LGBTQ rights and vulnerability, gun violence, domestic terror and the fear …  [ More → ]

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