Lent Forums Cancelled at this Time

This year, our Lenten series looks at various aspects of our parish life. How in particular are we called to proclaim and live the Good News of God’s love in this time and place? How can we hear and respond more faithfully to the movement of the Spirit? Our sessions, scheduled for the five Sundays in Lent, build on each other, but each can be attended independently.

Lent 3, March 15 – What is Ascension for? – Community conversations about our core values as a parish.

Lent 4, March 22 – Outreach – Led by Fr Ed and Mtr. Liz. How do we reach beyond our own parish community in love, service and witness? How does our separate 501 C-3, Ascension Outreach, relate to the parish? How does the Ascension community as a whole engage in “seeking and serving Christ in all people”, and “striving for justice and peace among all”?

Lent 5, March 29 – Pastoral Care – Led by Fr. Ed and Mtr. Posey- How do we care for each other at Ascension? What are the needs of our community? Are there systems we can organize to make our care more effective, or simply to enhance our lives together?