Thursday in the Third Week of Lent

by Micah Trippe

What a terrible thing to be loathed by God, as in Psalm 95:10! Worse yet, to be accused of being in league with the ruler of demons, as in Luke 14:15.

I am struck in these passages by how difficult it is to recognize Jesus or to listen to God. If those in the very presence of Christ thought he was working with Beelzebub, it seems doubly difficult for those of us millennia removed to recognize Christ among us. And the Israelites, though they had seen God’s work, still tested and tried God, so much that God ended up hating them.

We are told the generation whom God loathed had hardened their hearts, that they had not listened to God. I wonder what it means to listen to God, to soften my heart, and not stiffen my neck.

Conversely, in these passages God yearns to be listened to; Jesus yearns to be recognized. How have I listened to God (or not)? Have I recognized Christ among us?