February 24: Peter Declares That Jesus Is The Messiah

Mother Liz, in a recent sermon, referred to the mystery we call God. I’m awed and bow down before Mystery. Theology and Science meet at the point of mystery. Religion originated, as did science, in the awareness of mystery.

Without the consciousness of mystery there would be no intellectual curiosity, exploration, discovery. research, or faith. To comprehend and accept mystery, one must master the fear of the unknown. Too often that fear leads to the need for certainty when there is no certainty — and that is when religion serves “evil” rather than “good.”

Religion is not a rational system that can be factualized and verified. Though it is an irrational system, it doesn’t mean that it does not contain truths, even great truths. There is no proof that Jesus was and is the Messiah. We know Jesus in our hearts and that is where faith and belief begin. In our minds being a Christian is a journey leading us to the edge of Mystery.


  • Psalm 22:23-31
  • Genesis 16:7-15
  • Mark 8:27-30