Saturday in the Third Week of Lent

by John Gibson

abstract art

Lent can get a little heavy. But there’s a secret that can lighten it up. Just like the one Gabriel announces to Mary. Out of the dreary Nazareth sky comes an angel, no less, fancy-talking about how she, little Miss Nobody, is going to be the mother of God. Most of us would’ve jumped on Facebook to brag about our news. But Mary kept it quiet.

God had put a revolution directly into Mary’s body and soul. But she is “perplexed,” until, later, in the Magnificat, she finds her voice: God has scattered the proud [and] cast down the mighty. Even so, Mary has decades left to “ponder it in her heart.”

Lent is a pondering. And can get ponderous. So, for the Lent-weary, I provide this top secret info, strictly on a need-to-know basis: the revolution is already alive. And growing. But for a while yet, the secret is safe with us.