Lenten Reflection: Lent 4

by The Rev. Shelley D. McDade

Lent 2 pictureHonoring Self in Lent

In every journey there is a need for respite. A wisdom which allows us to place all else in life aside and just rest in the pleasure of how far we have come. Even if it doesn’t seem as though much has happened it still is important to stop, replenish and gaze ahead to the conclusion of your Lenten journey.

God not only allows time for rest but He insists upon it. Jesus honored this necessity of life each and every day as He stepped away from the crowd to soak in silent prayer and meditation. How else could He have offered Himself so completely without first recovering from the previous day’s excursion?

Encourage yourself to relax. Affirm yourself as a priority. Open up your heart to the sounds of joy and laughter that are present and available to each of us. Be gentle with yourself. Be deliberate. Be content.

Let us now let go of the absolutes that impede our spiritual evolution and insolate the seeds that have taken root in our souls.

God of all truth, you are truth itself, and therefore truth is not an idea or a concept, but first of all a life, and energy, a love, a relationship with everything. Teach us to love truth and to truthfully love; then we always know we will be loving you. Amen.

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