Lenten Reflection: Lent 3

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Lent pic brown candleEmbracing the Via Media of Lent

About mid-way through the Lenten season we begin to feel adrift and may have even lost the enchantment of the journey. We are reminded of some of the things we have decided to leave behind and wonder if our bodies, our hearts and our minds are capable of living without these precious anecdotes of the soul. We may even begin to wonder if we chose erroneous fixations to reflect upon. The median we find ourselves deliberating is an essential mounting point in the spiritual voyage.

Stay put. Remain in the sequence you have surrendered to for the season. Allow the experiences each day to rub you the way a pearl is rubbed inside an oyster. Trust the one who is doing the rubbing. You may feel discomfort or possibly indifference…but linger on.

Take action in prayer. Pray for yourself, this congregation, your loved ones. And most especially pray for those you blame for kicking the sand inside your shell. Remember, a pearl is only as beautiful as it is polished through time.

Let us now let go of our concern for perfection and allow ourselves to feel beautiful in our incompleteness.

God of all truth, you are truth itself, and therefore truth is not an idea or a concept, but first of all a life, an energy, a love, a relationship with everything. Teach us to love truth and to truthfully love; then we always know we will be loving you. Amen.

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