Ascension Heads to Tanzania

Ethan Mandel
On an upcoming pilgrimage to Tanzania, where our sister village of Gawaye is, parishioner Ethan Mandel will represent the Church of the Ascension, bringing greetings and gifts to the church in Gawaye. But we need your help to send him there — and then bring him back home!

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Parishioner Ethan Mandel to represent the Church of the Ascension on upcoming pilgrimage

Ethan Mandel
We're sending Ethan Mandel with greetings to the church in Gawaye, Tanzania.
Read below how you can help.
As Ascension enters its second year of supporting The Carpenter’s Kids Program, we are thrilled to announce that parishioner Ethan Mandel will be representing Ascension on an upcoming pilgrimage to our linked village in Gawaye, Tanzania.

From April 26 – May 7, the pilgrimage will bring Ethan over 7,000 miles to the major Tanzanian coastal city of Dar Es Salaam, from where he will travel to Dodoma, the seat of the Anglican Diocese of Central Tanganyika. After having the opportunity to tour the diocese (including a visit to the diocesan seminary, Msalato Theological College) Ethan will spend two days at Ascension’s sister village, along with the fifty children we sponsor, the parish clergy, and the caretakers that make the
program possible.

Ethan will be accompanied by a group of both clergy and lay leaders from the Diocese of New York, including the Diocese’s newly-appointed Archdeacon for Mission, Rev. William Clay Parnell.

Ascension’s continued financial support for our linked parish has, without a doubt, been an important first step in our involvement in the Carpenter’s Kids ministry. We hope that this pilgrimage will be a vital launching point for Ascension’s greater parishwide participation, including the possibility of a parish pilgrimage to Tanzania in the near future. By establishing a strong foundation for our relationship with our linked parish, we look forward to opening the door to a lasting friendship that enriches the lives and faith of all involved.

The cost of the pilgrimage to Tanzania is $4,000, which includes gifts from Ascension to the children of Gawaye. We are about a third of the way to reaching our goal. If you would like to donate to this outreach, please make checks payable to “The Church of the Ascension” with Carpenter’s Kids on the memo line. Or you can donate right now, using our online, Network for Good “donation box.” Just be sure to fill out Carpenter’s Kids as the optional designation.

And if you’ve already helped support this important mission: thank you!

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