Canterbury members with Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts-Schori

Canterbury Downtown is an Episcopal Campus Ministry of the Diocese of New York.

Students from a variety of schools, including NYU, The New School, Cooper Union and more, gather for weekly worship on Sunday evenings at 6 p.m. at nearby Grace Church, Broadway at Tenth Street. On Wednesday nights, students gather for an ecumenical Night Prayer service at 9 p.m.
in the Chapel of the Catholic Center at NYU (238 Thompson Street). This beautiful, candlelit, late evening prayer service invites contemplation, song, restfulness and reflection.

Participants also plan service projects, fun outings, Bible Study, leadership development, movie nights and much more, all suited to the interest and pace of the student life.

a dinner following the 6 p.m. service

The Rev. Mary Cat Young, Episcopal college chaplain, has an office at Church of the Ascension. Appointments can be made to meet with Mary Cat on-site, or around Washington Square. Her role is to engage with students, gather the community, provide worship and other opportunities for students to grow together in community and Christ.

This is an open and welcoming community, focused on being a place for students to come together as companions on the journey, to learn from and support one another, and to develop an adult faith practice. Folks who are new to the Christian faith, new to the Episcopal Church, or just curious passers by are invited to join us for worship and a meal. Come to know us and allow us to come to know you, and together we will serve Christ by serving others.

Want to know more? Visit our website, and come to the table.


The Rev. Mary Cat Young


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