Adult education

Ascension offers Sunday forums for adults, as well as Bible study and inquirer’s classes for those who are new to the faith. The Sunday forums provide a wide range of topics, including: faith and spirituality, religion and politics, the economy and church teaching, as well as many more. Forums are taught by our clergy, seminarians, and sometimes guest speakers. All are welcome to attend.

Discovery & initiation

(a.k.a. Inquirer’s Classes)

The Discovery & Initiation Classes explore the fundamentals of the Christian faith and the Anglican tradition. This course is a natural starting point in the lifelong journey of formation and is appropriate for people from a wide range of experiences. These classes may be right for you if any of the following describe you and your current place in the journey of faith:

  • I want to explore issues of faith, or a spiritual life, or relationship with God.
  • I want to explore getting baptized.
  • Although already baptized, I want to explore beyond the faith community in which I was baptized and am wondering about becoming part of Ascension’s life.
  • I have been baptized and confirmed in another tradition, but want to explore becoming an Episcopalian/Anglican.
  • I have always been an Episcopalian, but at this point in my life I want to explore deepening my understanding of what it means to be an Episcopalian/Anglican.

Spiritual Development committee

The mission of the Spiritual Development Committee (SDC) is straightforward: to provide resources and events to deepen a parishioner’s understanding and relationship with God. Regular events include annual Advent and Lenten Quiet Days, where skilled retreat leaders come to our parish and lead us in reflection and meditation, as well as the Bible Studies and House Eucharist’s that we help coordinate. We have also brought in speakers on a wide-range of religious topics, from the troubles in the Anglican Communion to discussions on Islam.