Sealed by the Spirit

A letter from the rector

In the Episcopal Church, all baptized Christians are welcome at the Lord's TableAfter nearly two centuries of ministry, the Church of the Ascension has affected thousands of lives — through its music, its art, its worship, its outreach. Yet the past 166 years have taken their toll on our church’s structure.

Our aging brownstone walls leak in many places, making it unwise to proceed with the addition of a new organ or other renovations that would be damaged by current conditions.

Just as Christ protects us, sealing us with the Holy Spirit, it is up to us to protect this house of worship so that this legacy may be preserved to serve future generations.

I urge you to pray thoughtfully about making a contribution to enable our church to extend its witness into its third century and to pray diligently that we might be successful in this campaign to shore up our crumbling infrastructure. And in every season, we pray that God’s will be done on our corner of Fifth Avenue and Tenth Street in New York City, as it is in heaven.

Yours in Christ,

The Rev. Andrew W. Foster III
Eleventh Rector, The Church of the Ascension

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