Sealed by the Spirit

Total needed: $2+ million

Exterior Renovations

Most vital to protecting our interior walls, mural, and a new world-class organ that is being given to the parish is creating a watertight envelope for these areas. When the brownstone is restored, the flashings will be replaced. The detailing of the rectory parapet will be redesigned and the adjacent aisle roof over the organ will be replaced with a roof with a 100-year lifespan.

detail, north clerestory

Upper-Level Brownstone Restoration

The exterior brownstone is in an advanced state of deterioration. Exfoliation of the stone surfaces is one reason for the water damage visible on the interior of our church.

  • North Clerestory repairs
    Our brownstone work started at the clerestory level on the north side of the church. To prepare for that work, we have already completed repairs to the tracery of the clerestory windows.
  • South Clerestory repairs
    This work was done in 2009, after repairs to the south clerestory windows in 2008.
  • West Tower repairs
    This is the final piece of work on the upper level above the side aisle roof. Access to this part of the building requires staging above the aisle roofs and needs to be complete before replacing the roofing below.

Roof Repair & Replacement

At present, the modified bitumen roof membranes over the aisles are basically watertight, but leaks recur where the flashings have pulled away from the deteriorated brownstone and when drain lines back up during sudden downpours. Leaks are also occurring along the parapet between the church and rectory above the planned location of the new organ.

  • South aisle roof membrane
  • Flashing and drains for nave, north and south aisle roofs

Architect’s Fees

arches of nave, ca. 2007

Interior Renovations

  • Painting of the Nave
    The interior of the Church of the Ascension, so beautifully designed by Stanford White, has needed a new paint job for over a decade, but the work has been deferred due to persistent leaks. Plaster repairs and painting create a great amount of airborne dust, but must be done before installation of a new organ.

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