We’re grateful for your generosity!

The Church of the Ascension uses Network for Good — an independent, nonprofit resource for other nonprofit organizations — to process online donations. Using the Network for Good site, you can make a recurring, one-time, or even anonymous donation to the Church of the Ascension, either in support of our annual parish budget or for the specific support of our Sealed by the Spirit Capital Campaign.

Network for Good will accept donations to the Church of the Ascension using PayPal, American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.

To Make a Donation

  1. Follow the “please make a donation” link (here, or below) to go to the Network for Good site
  2. Use the “Donate Now” button to access the form
  3. Specify an amount, whether this is a one-time or recurring donation, and whether this is a named or anonymous donation
  4. If this contribution is in support of our Sealed by the Spirit Capital Campaign, please put “Capital Campaign” in the Designation field; if your contribution is in support of your pledge toward our annual budget, put “Pledge” in the Designation field. If this is a general gift to the parish, you can leave the Designation field blank.
  5. Add your e-mail address and create a password to make your contribution and to use for any future contributions via Network for Good for our or other worthy causes.
  6. Click the “Continue” button.
  7. Specify your payment method: PayPal, credit card, or a “Good Card” charitable gift card and click “Continue.”
  8. Fill out the appropriate information required for your payment method, and click “Continue.”
  9. Select whether to add the 4.75% processing fee (paid to the banks, credit card company, or for other administrative costs; Network for Good and the Church of the Ascension do not profit from any fees) to your donation or not. Either way, we’re grateful for your contribution! Then click “Continue.”
  10. On the Complete Donation screen, review your choices and click “Complete Donation.”
  11. To save a receipt of your donation, print out the Donation Receipt screen that follows. Note that your contribution will show up on your credit card or PayPal account as paid to “Network for Good” — which is a tax-deductible organization, but saving your receipt will show the final recipient (Church of the Ascension) if you choose to itemize your charitable contributions.

If you’ve ever paid for anything online, you’ll find this process very similar. If you’d rather pay by credit card but would rather not use the Network for Good interface, please call the parish office (212-254-8620) and ask to speak to our bookkeeper, Vince Amodei.

We’re grateful for your interest in the Church of the Ascension and for whatever you can contribute toward saving our buildings and supporting our mission!

So if you’re ready: please make a donation

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