New Ministry with Ascension’s 12th Rector

The celebration continues for our new ministry with The Reverend Elizabeth G. Maxwell, installed as the twelfth Rector of The Church of the Ascension. On the evening of May 13, 2015, hundreds gathered in the church for her installation by the The Rt. Rev. Andrew M.L. Dietsche, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New York. …  [ More → ]


The road ahead: the rectory renovation

We’re not quite ready for the “before and after” shots of the Rectory because we are square in the middle of the before!  So here are some pictures of the demolition phase as we prepare the rectory to be a new home for our new rector and get the parlor floor set to be our new meeting …  [ More → ]

One World, One Faith, One God

“In the midst of transition (or change) the work is going to be about creation…about cooperating with God in re-creating ourselves…about becoming more fully what God calls us to be.” — Debra K Farrington, The Seasons of a Restless Heart, as quoted in Mother Shelley’s sermon on stewardship, Sunday, Oct. 19, 2014. Read the full sermon here and learn about the parish’s plans for growth, change and ministry over the next several years. [ More → ]

Ascension’s Twelfth Rector

It is with great pleasure that the wardens and vestry announce that we have called the Reverend Elizabeth G. Maxwell as the twelfth Rector of The Church of the Ascension in the City of New York, and that she has accepted the call. She will take up her duties on January 12, and her first …  [ More → ]


Breathe Deeper, Move More Calmly: Tai Chi at Ascension

Tai Chi classes will be held Thursdays at noon, beginning May 7, in the Parish Hall (12 W. Eleventh Street). Classes are instructed by Dan Baum of Eastern Village Arts; cost is $25 for one class or $75 per month. Call the parish office (212-254-8620) if you are interested or just come to a class …  [ More → ]

Thursday Evening Bible Study

We are studying the Parables of Jesus, using the following text: Short Stories by Jesus: The Enigmatic Parables of a Controversial Rabbi by Amy-Jill Levine. Please join us! In order to have a better idea of space needs, please let Fr. Ed know if you are planning to attend. You can email him directly or …  [ More → ]

Celebration of New Ministry, May 13th

TONIGHT at 7pm. You are invited to attend the Celebration of New Ministry and Installation of the Twelfth Rector, The Reverend Elizabeth G. Maxwell at 7pm, Wednesday, May 13, 2015. Reception following in the Parish Hall. Visiting Clergy please vest in festive stoles. Enter the church on Fifth Avenue at 10th Street.


Message for Holy Week & Easter 2015
by The Rev. Elizabeth Maxwell

Every year, our liturgy invites us to walk with Jesus step by step through the last week of his life, into the mystery of death and resurrection. Through the mystical drama of worship, we participate in the enthusiasm of the crowd as Jesus enters Jerusalem in triumph, and then feel how quickly adulation turns to violence. We are washed, fed and loved in the tenderness of Jesus’ last supper. We watch with bewildered and breaking hearts as our Lord dies a criminal’s death on the cross. And we wait and wonder as he passes from death to life, to greet us with overwhelming joy on Easter morning. [ More → ]

Lenten Devotional Booklet
by The Rev. Elizabeth G. Maxwell

Welcome to the 2015 Church of the Ascension Lenten Devotional. This devotional is a reprint from 2003. As you complete each day’s readings and writings, we hope you will feel encouraged to sit with God’s words and the words of our current and former fellows from Church of the Ascension. Lent is a deeply spiritual …  [ More → ]

Advent: Holding out our hands in the dark
by The Rev. Shelley D. McDade

Whatever your opinion, or lack of one, is on the Michael Brown shooting and demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri, and other cities around our nation…the real truth is that people are in pain. Deep pain. And it isn’t just this one situation. People are reacting strongly to the multitude of unprecedented situations playing out in and around our everyday lives. My personal mantra in life is “to respond, not react.” Right now, people are reacting. And I don’t think we even realize how much minor transitions and developments of life are compromising and affecting our ability to think… to grow… to embrace… to respond… to activate… or rest… in God. [ More → ]