I always get back more than I give

by John Grimes

“I was raised in the Baptist church, which has a strong emphasis on stewardship — including an open discussion of the tithe, or a gift of 10 percent of one’s income to the church. As an adult, I have tried to translate this discipline into thinking about making my church the priority for my giving.” On Sunday, November 16, John Grimes shared with fellow parishioners how what he learned in a Baptist Sunday School has informed his understanding of making a commitment to his Episcopal parish home today. [ More → ]


One World, One Faith, One God

“In the midst of transition (or change) the work is going to be about creation…about cooperating with God in re-creating ourselves…about becoming more fully what God calls us to be.” — Debra K Farrington, The Seasons of a Restless Heart, as quoted in Mother Shelley’s sermon on stewardship, Sunday, Oct. 19, 2014. Read the full sermon here and learn about the parish’s plans for growth, change and ministry over the next several years. [ More → ]

Ascension’s Twelfth Rector

It is with great pleasure that the wardens and vestry announce that we have called the Reverend Elizabeth G. Maxwell as the twelfth Rector of The Church of the Ascension in the City of New York, and that she has accepted the call. She will take up her duties on January 12, and her first …  [ More → ]

Ascension Sunday June 1, 2014

On Sunday, June 1, as we celebrate The Day of Ascension as our parish Feast Day, we will also welcome special guest The Rt. Rev. Stacy Sauls from the Diocese of New York. This celebration will include the Confirmation and Reception of several new members into the parish and the service and ministry of Parish …  [ More → ]


Come to the Harvest Dinner

On November 20th, Thursday evening at 7 p.m., please join us for a conversation and dinner as we welcome Virgil de Voldère, owner and operator of La Petite Ecole, the new day school that will open in January at the Church of the Ascension. Come and hear about the plans and learn more about the …  [ More → ]

19th Sunday after Pentecost: October 19th

This Sunday we begin to look to our future in very real and exciting ways. In her homily Mother Shelley will speak about where we’ve been and where we’re heading. So join us this Sunday: 9am Holy Eucharist at Side Altar; 11am Holy Eucharist in the church with sermon, music & choir; 7pm Service of …  [ More → ]

18th Sunday after Pentecost: Oct. 12th

Join us this Sunday: 9am Holy Eucharist at Side Altar; 11am Holy Eucharist in the church with sermon, music & choir; 7pm Service of Meditations and Sacrament including chant, interfaith readings and communion. The 11am service includes special music by the Ascension choir (see listing on sidebar). Here are notes on the Organ Music for …  [ More → ]

Blog Posts

Stewards in (and of) Transitions
by Meredith Ward

“The truth is, if we’re really living fully into the promise of God’s kingdom, if we’re truly co-creators with God, then we’re always in transition. I, for one, am praying that our ‘transition mindset’ doesn’t fade away once our official interim period ends.” See what Meredith Ward — art gallery owner, parish vestry member, and chair of our Rector Search Committee — shared Sunday, October 26, about why she gives to Ascension. [ More → ]

For the Season of the Spirit
by The Rev. Shelley D. McDade

Many images, icons and paintings have tried to capture the essence of the Holy Spirit specifically from the writings of the New Testament during the Feast of Pentecost. Pentecost was not a moment and, in my opinion, it wasn’t even an event. It was an expression of the power of God meant specifically to carry the message of God to all people in all languages to all nations and tribes of the world. It was not a division of race but rather an invitation of unity: unity of faith; unity of spirit; unity of God. Paintings of this subject traditionally associate the tongues of fire with the tops of the disciples’ heads. In the May 28th issue of Christian Century there is an article on a Pentecost painting by Christian Thai artist Sawai Chinnawong.  [ More → ]

The Light of Lent: Lent 5
by The Rev. Shelley D. McDade

The nature of our existence allows for countless journeys to be experienced. The journey of time and circumstance. The journey of alliance and detachment. The journey of pleasure and regret. The journey postponed and the journey remembered. The journey of knowledge. The journey of innocence. And the journey of love. Our Lenten journey, if entered …  [ More → ]