Message for Holy Week & Easter 2015

“Assist us mercifully with your help, O Lord God of our salvation, that we may enter with joy upon the contemplation of those mighty acts, whereby you have given us life and immortality; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.” Dear parishioners and friends, Every year, our liturgy invites us to walk with Jesus step by …  [ More → ]


The road ahead: the rectory renovation

We’re not quite ready for the “before and after” shots of the Rectory because we are square in the middle of the before!  So here are some pictures of the demolition phase as we prepare the rectory to be a new home for our new rector and get the parlor floor set to be our new meeting …  [ More → ]

One World, One Faith, One God

“In the midst of transition (or change) the work is going to be about creation…about cooperating with God in re-creating ourselves…about becoming more fully what God calls us to be.” — Debra K Farrington, The Seasons of a Restless Heart, as quoted in Mother Shelley’s sermon on stewardship, Sunday, Oct. 19, 2014. Read the full sermon here and learn about the parish’s plans for growth, change and ministry over the next several years. [ More → ]

Ascension’s Twelfth Rector

It is with great pleasure that the wardens and vestry announce that we have called the Reverend Elizabeth G. Maxwell as the twelfth Rector of The Church of the Ascension in the City of New York, and that she has accepted the call. She will take up her duties on January 12, and her first …  [ More → ]


Just for fun! Lent Madness

Mother Liz told us about this at a recent House Eucharist, and there are only a few more days to play! Act now to be part of If you missed out, there’s a lengthy archive where you can study up for next year!

Lenten Quiet Day March 21st

Always and Everywhere: Exploring the Eucharist. Join us on Saturday, March 21 for a Quiet Day of entering more deeply into our sacrament of Holy Communion. We often forget that the Greek word “Eucharist” actually means “thanksgiving!” Through meditations on scripture and ancient church texts, conversations, and silence, we will be invited to delve into …  [ More → ]

During the Lenten Season …

In addition to the weekday Eucharist services at 6pm and Sunday services at 9am, 11am and 7pm, there are several special programs and activities at Ascension this Lenten Season including the following: Lenten Devotional The Church of the Ascension Lenten Devotional this year is a reprint from 2003. As you complete each day’s readings and …  [ More → ]

Blog Posts

Lenten Devotional Booklet
by The Rev. Elizabeth G. Maxwell

Welcome to the 2015 Church of the Ascension Lenten Devotional. This devotional is a reprint from 2003. As you complete each day’s readings and writings, we hope you will feel encouraged to sit with God’s words and the words of our current and former fellows from Church of the Ascension. Lent is a deeply spiritual …  [ More → ]

Advent: Holding out our hands in the dark
by The Rev. Shelley D. McDade

Whatever your opinion, or lack of one, is on the Michael Brown shooting and demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri, and other cities around our nation…the real truth is that people are in pain. Deep pain. And it isn’t just this one situation. People are reacting strongly to the multitude of unprecedented situations playing out in and around our everyday lives. My personal mantra in life is “to respond, not react.” Right now, people are reacting. And I don’t think we even realize how much minor transitions and developments of life are compromising and affecting our ability to think… to grow… to embrace… to respond… to activate… or rest… in God. [ More → ]

How are you living out God’s hope for you?
by David Cholcher

Last Sunday, I was running on empty. And then I came to church.

Mother Shelley asked how we might answer this direct question: how do you maintain your hope? My blood ran a little cold. I was exhausted by weeks of decision-making and problem-solving. Her question sounded like a riddle of faith, and I was in no mood to fail. [ More → ]